BIBLIOGRAFIA EXPOSICIÓ - Victor Papanek RSS feed for public list BIBLIOGRAFIA EXPOSICIÓ - Victor Papanek 100% pallet : by Drouet, Aurélie 31 brilliant ideas for a better world : by Lier, Bas C. van, A little red book about how to make design matter / by Carlson, David Architecture and design versus consumerism : by Thorpe, Ann Are we human? : by Colomina, Beatriz Artefactos : by Manzini, Ezio Artificial parts, practical lives : Autoprogettazione? by Mari, Enzo Basic design : by Sausmarez, Maurice de Beautiful users : by Lupton, Ellen, Becoming human by design / by Fry, Tony Bio design : by Myers, William Biodisseny / Biografia Antoni Arola : by Arola, Antoni Brick by brick : by Robertson, David C. Building next generation design support programmes : By the people : by Smith, Cynthia E., Casas paradigmáticas del siglo XX : by Davies, Colin, Century of the child : by Kinchin, Juliet Codesign for public-interest services / by Selloni, Daniela, Collaborative organisations and enabling solutions : by Manzini. Ezio, Communicate! : Cómo prosperar en la economía sostenible : by Thackara, John, Concept design : Cradle to cradle : by McDonough, William Cradle to cradle : by McDonough, William Criteria on children's playthings and playgrounds Critique of commodity aesthetics : by Haug, Wolfgang Fritz Crowd design : by Schmidt, Florian A., Cuando todos diseñan : by Manzini, Ezio Cultura social del producto : by Chiapponi, Medardo Dark matter and trojan horses : by Hill, Dan Del objeto a la interfase : by Bonsiepe, Gui, Desenho industrial para pessoas deficientes / by Bonsiepe, Gui, Design : Design : by Bürdek, Bernhard E. Design & Politik : Design activism : by Fuad-Luke, Alastair Design activism and social change : Design als postulat am beispiel italien : Design and art Design anthropological futures : Design anthropology : Design as politics by Fry, Tony Design der Zukunft : Design diversity : Design for a living world / Design for children : by Birks, Kimberlie, Design for health Design for inclusivity : Design for life : Design for life : by Walker, Stuart, Design for need : Design for people = Design for play by Dattner, Richard Design for policy / Design for social business : Design for sustainability : by Bhamra, Tracy Design for the good society : Design for the other 90% Design for the other ninety percent / by Polak, Paul, Design for the real world : by Papanek, Victor J. Design futuring : by Fry, Tony Design history beyond the canon / Design is invisible : by Burckhardt, Lucius, Design meets disability by Pullin, Graham Design of basic medical equipment for developing countries Design Participation : by Cross, Nigel Design pour un monde réel : by Papanek, Victor J. Design revolution : by Pilloton, Emily Design sostenibile : by Tamborini, Paolo Design thinking : by Cross, Nigel Design with nature by Ian L. McHarg Design with nature / by McHarg, Ian L., Design, cultura e sociedade / by Bonsiepe, Gui, Design, when everybody designs : by Manzini, Ezio Designed for kids : by Richardson, Phyllis Designers, visionaries and other stories : by Chapman, Jonathan, Designing disability : by Guffey, Elizabeth E., Designing public : Designing the creative child : by Ogata, Amy Fumiko, Designing things : by Boradkar, Prasad Diseñar para el mundo real : by Papanek, Victor J. Diseñar para el mundo real : by Papanek, Victor J. Diseño ecológico : by Viñoles i Marlet, Joaquim Diseño industrial : by Bonsiepe, Gui, Diseño para vivir : Diseño y crisis / by Bonsiepe, Gui, Diseño, ¿por qué? / by Ricard, André, Diseño, tecnología y participación : by Elliott, David Disseny per viure : DIY furniture : by Stuart, Christopher DIY furniture 2 : by Stuart, Christopher Dymaxion Car, Buckminster Fuller Eco design : by Liu, Ivy, Ecodiseñas : Ecojoguina : Ecología y democracia : by Manzini, Ezio El diseño de la periferia : by Bonsiepe, Gui, El lujo eterno : by Lipovetsky, Gilles, El medio es el masaje : by McLuhan, Marshall, El movimiento moderno : by Toca Fernández, Antonio El mundo como proyecto by Aicher, Otl El mundo como proyecto by Aicher, Otl El occidente globalizado : by Lipovetsky, Gilles, El rascacielos ecológico / by Yeang, Ken, Els Jardins dels infants Émigré cultures in design and architecture / Emotionally durable design : by Chapman, Jonathan, Empire of things : by Trentmann, Frank Environments and counter environments : Ergonomía : by McCormick, Ernest J. Ergonomics for children : by Lueder, Rani Estética de las proporciones en la naturaleza y en las artes / by Ghyka, Matila C. Everyone is a designer in the age of social media Extrañamente familiares : Filosofía del diseño : by Flusser, Vilém, Form follows libido : by Lavin, Sylvia, Frank Lloyd Wright by Dezzi Bardeschi, Marco Frank Lloyd Wright by Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks Frank Lloyd Wright : by Wilkinson, Philip, Frank Lloyd Wright : Frank Lloyd Wright : by Zevi, Bruno, Frank Lloyd Wright : by Forsee, Aylesa Frank Lloyd Wright / Frank Lloyd Wright / by Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks Frank Lloyd Wright and the living city / by Wright, Frank Lloyd, Frank Lloyd Wright design / by Costantino, Maria Frank Lloyd Wright on architecture, nature, and the human spirit : by Wright, Frank Lloyd Gender, design and marketing : by Moss, Gloria George Nelson : George Nelson : by Abercrombie, Stanley George Nelson on design Giro giro tondo : Global Tools : Good design : by Nelson, George, Graphics, design and printing terms : by Garland, Ken Green design by Lucas, Dorian Hàbitats i contra-hàbitats : Hábitats y contra-hábitats : Hacia una racionalidad ecológica by Maldonado, Tomás Hartz IV : Hippie modernism : Housing interiors for the disabled and elderly / by Raschko, Bettyann Boetticher How designers think : by Lawson, Bryan How designers think / by Lawson, Bryan How things don't work by Papanek, Victor J. How to see : by Nelson, George, How to thrive in the next economy : by Thackara, John I am plastic : by Budnitz, Paul Inclusive design : by Nussbaumer, Linda L. Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia : Integrative design : International design study on disaster relief 1974-1977 / Investigación sobre los modos de existencia : by Latour, Bruno, It's not easy being green / by Yeang, Ken, Italy : Juego, juguetes y discapacidad : Kid size : Kids design by Minguet Cámara, Eva La estetización del mundo : by Lipovetsky, Gilles, La galàxia Gutenberg : by McLuhan, Marshall, La galaxia Gutenberg : by McLuhan, Marshall, La galaxia McLuhan / by Sempere, Pedro La inhospitalidad de nuestras ciudades / by Mitscherlich, Alexander, La publicidad en el banquillo : by Otálora Cotrino, Leonardo La sociedad de consumo : by Baudrillard, Jean, La sociedad de consumo de masas by Cueto, Juan La Vita tra cose e natura : LEAP dialogues : Living in motion : Lo pequeño es hermoso : by Schumacher, E. F. Longer lasting products : by Cooper, Tim, Los Juguetes de las vanguardias Made 4 you : Made to last : by Murray, Vanessa, Making futures : Making things move : by Roberts, Dustyn Manual de diseño de moda : by Mas, Florenci Manual de diseño social 1.0 : by Hidalgo Rudilla, María Marshall McLuhan y la realidad virtual / by Horrocks, Christopher McLuhan / by Miller, Jonathan, Metodologia experimental : Modern typography in Britain : Nature : by Reyes, Fabiola Negro : by Pastoureau, Michel Nomadic furniture : by Hennessey, James Nomadic furniture 3.0 : by Fineder, Martina, ‎ Operating manual for spaceship earth / by Fuller, R. Buckminster Parques infantiles : Parques infantiles : by Rojals, Marta Parques infantiles / Parques y campos de juego para niños / by Bengtsson, Arvid Perché un libro su Enzo Mari = by Burkhardt, François, Personas y máquinas : by Cañas Delgado, José Juan Play all day : PMMT : Politics of the everyday / by Manzini, Ezio Pour ou contre McLuhan / Precariousness and ambiguity : by Bonsiepe, Gui, Product design in the sustainable era by Reis, Dalcacio Propuestas para un diseño "normal" / by Dopico Castro, Marcos Proyectar con la naturaleza : by Yeang, Ken, Remake it - home : by Thompson, Henrietta Replaceable you : by Serlin, David, Richard Neutra / by Sack, Manfred Richard Neutra 1892-1970 : by Lamprecht, Barbara Mac Richard Neutra 1892-1970 / by Hines, Thomas S. Richard Neutra and the search for modern architecture : by Hines, Thomas S. Rights through making : Semillas para nuevas ciudades by Ruiz-Geli, Enric Silent spring / by Carson, Rachel, Símbolo, comunicación y consumo / by Dorfles, Gillo, Snedkernes efterårsudstilling 2019 = Sobre las necesidades by Rodríguez Morales, Luis Social design : Sorry, out of gas : Sozio-Design : Speculative everything : by Dunne, Anthony Step-by-step DIY / Stephen Jones & the accent of fashion by Jones, Stephen Strangely familiar : Super normal : by Fukasawa, Naoto, Sustainability by design : by Ehrenfeld, John Sustainable by design : by Walker, Stuart Sustainable design book / by Proctor, Rebecca Sustainable design for interior environments / by Winchip, Susan M. Sustainable materials, processes and production / by Thompson, Rob Symbol sourcebook : by Dreyfuss, Henry, Talk to me : by Antonelli, Paola Temes de disseny : Tents : by Faegre, Torvald Teoría de la imagen by Casasús, Josep Maria Teoría y práctica del diseño industrial : by Bonsiepe, Gui, The Aspen Papers : The Book of probes : by McLuhan, Marshall The design activist's handbook : by Scalin, Noah The design of everyday things / by Norman, Donald A. The Design of future things by Norman, Donald A. The evolution of useful things / by Petroski, Henry The Fun house : The Green imperative : by Papanek, Victor J. The Greenest home : by Torres Moskovitz, Julie The human body in equipment design by Damon, Albert The industrial design reader / The maker movement manifesto : by Hatch, Mark The mechanical bride : by McLuhan, Marshall, The nature of design : by Orr, David W., The re-use atlas : by Baker-Brown, Duncan, The responsible object : The social design reader / by Resnick, Elizabeth, The spirit of design : by Walker, Stuart, The toaster project : by Thwaites, Thomas, The upcycle : by McDonough, William The value of things / by Cummings, Neil The waste makers / by Packard, Vance, This human : by Senova, Melis, Un experimento en diseño de producto - diseño industrial = by Bonsiepe, Gui, Una pesadilla con aire acondicionado / by Miller, Henry, Univers Papanek / by Mur, Gerard E., Universal design : by Herwig, Oliver Verbi-voco-visual explorations / by McLuhan, Marshall, Victor Papanek : by Papanek, Victor J., Victor Papanek : by Gowan, Al, What Africa can do for Europe : by Lier, Bas C. van, Whole earth field guide /