BIBLIOGRAFIA EXPOSICIÓ - David Bowie is RSS feed for public list BIBLIOGRAFIA EXPOSICIÓ - David Bowie is Yves Saint Laurent + Halston : by Mears, Patricia Global glam and popular music : David Bowie : David Bowie : by Lewis, Danny Bailar de arquitectura : by Panera Cuevas, F. Javier, Fashion game changers : Jocks and nerds : by Martin, Richard David Bowie es la materia / Duffy, Bowie : David Bowie : by Griffin, Roger, The rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973 / by Rock, Mick, Fashion : Das Schriftbild der Musik Fashion in the 60's by Bernard, Barbara Rhythmusic : Premier vestiaire pour l'histoire du costume masculin : Street style : by McDermott, Catherine Zoot suits and second-hand dresses : Objetos de arte : Sixties source book / by Cawthorne, Nigel, Fashions of a decade : by Connikie, Yvonne Fashions of a decade : by Carnegy, Vicky Radical rags : by Lobenthal, Joel Catàleg d'instruments Fashions of a decade : by Herald, Jacqueline Psychoposter : Les Rajoles d'oficis i la música : by Telese Compte, A. Dress and identity Précis d'extravagance / by Bollon, Patrice Grafismo musical L'homme objet : Sixties design / by Garner, Philippe Sight for sound : Blue note / Barcelona club flyers by Jubany, Joan Manuel Visionaire's fashion 2000 : by Gan, Stephen Light fantastic : by Keller, Max Sampler : Sampler 2 : Arquitectos a escena : by Azara, Pedro Fashion, desire, and anxiety : by Arnold, Rebecca Sound design : CD art : by Rivers, Charlotte Scratch graphique : by Burte, Laurent Gracias por la música by Carbonell, Xavier The London look : by Breward, Christopher, Fashioning London : by Breward, Christopher, Excess : 12" sleeves : The greatest album covers of all time / by Miles, Barry, Swinging sixties : DVD : by Rivers, Charlotte Happening : Music graphics / CD : by Rivers, Charlotte The new English dandy by Cicolini, Alice 70s fashion : La representación de la representación : CD-art : by Rivers, Charlotte The Men's fashion reader Gothic : by Steele, Valerie Vinil-o : by Pujagut, Jaume Arquitectura y música en el siglo XX / by Moreno Soriano, Susana Musikraphics : Classique : A brief history of album covers / by Draper, Jason 70s style & design by Lutyens, Dominic Style city : by O'Byrne, Robert, Philips-Twen : Nuevas tendencias en maquetación y diseño editorial by Weber, Max Alexander McQueen : by Knox, kristin Graphic beats : by Abellán, Miquel Fanzines by Triggs, Teal Un Sol món, músiques diverses : Funk & soul covers / by Paulo, Joaquim The art of the LP : by Morgan, Johnny 1000 music graphics : Alexander McQueen : by Bolton, Andrew Spacesuit : by De Monchaux, Nicholas Alex Steinweiss : by Reagan, Kevin Postmodernism : Ropa de hombre by Hopkins, John David Bowie, starman : by Trynka, Paul Fashion and music / by Miller, Janice Menswear fashion forward designers French touch : Alexander McQueen evolution / by Gleason, Katherine, Los tesoros de David Bowie / by Evans, Mike, Basic cover David Bowie is the subject Stage design : Artist, rebel, dandy : by Irvin, Kate 80s fashion : Alexander McQueen : Hippie chic / by Whitley, Lauren D. Rock covers / by Busch, Robbie Blue note : by Havers, Richard Ziggyology : by Goddard, Simon Hero : by Jones, Lesley-Ann Shock and awe : by Reynolds, Simon, Total records :